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Heidi’s Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!

LOS OSOS, CA Sunday morning – I knew if I planned a quiet holiday weekend, it would probably not happen — and it didn’t — but that’s ok!!  It was a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Gary & Gina

This year, I told all of my family I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner no matter what.  I didn’t care who came, I was going to cook for Thanksgiving.  Last year we went to visit our granddaughter Savannah at boarding school. I so missed the holiday smells and the leftovers when we returned home. This year as our family continues to grow with extended families of their own… I knew some of our kids wouldn’t be able to visit.

Our daughter Gina and her hubby Gary came visiting first. My daughter Starr and her daughter Savannah came and joined us for dinner which was sooooo good.

After Thanksgiving yummies Gina and I headed for the studio…Gina loves to mosaic. My family frequently receives my mosaic art for gifts. She says she never tires of mosaics. (Good to know ’cause I was thinking everyone would tire of them!)  So we

Mosaics on Brick

mosaic’d away all day Friday.

Gina and Gary decided to plant a rosebush for each of their kids.  They wanted to make mosaic garden art to place by each plant — isn’t that a cool idea!  So here are the mosaic brick garden art pieces we created.  Gina picked words and alphabet letters to match each mosaic. We had so much fun!!!

Then just as Gina and Gary left for home with their treasures, our son Woody and his family stopped by. We went over to the beach and gathered stones (check out the heart shapes I found – love them!). I was able to get a photo of Woody, Suzi and the girls while the boys (Mason, Josh and Vince) climbed the rocks.

The ocean was amazing today.  So I thought I would share it.

The weekend isn’t quite over but it has been amazing…..yes I am grateful for my family.

Audriana, Suzi, Woody, Kaila

Sending Lots of Love, Heidi


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Creating Away… at the East coast… Inspired at Home Studio


Heidi in Inspired at Home East Coast Studio

GRASONVILLE, MD – Saturday night – Oh my gosh, I’ve already been here over a week in Maryland, visiting the east coast Inspired at Home studio!!!!

We’ve been busy with all of our projects and creating away.  Lots to do and so little time! I’ve already taught a class on making Fairy Houses, Tiffany and I worked on videos for Faster Plaster this week (now I can’t even remember which days that was), we’ve had hair done, makeup, and photos done, we went to Annapolis shopping and to lunch last Monday. Whew!

Candace and I have been taking  ‘inventory’  to see what needs to be done or made for the studio.  We often get side tracked on our creative projects…..”oh look, what do you think if I put this together on a box”  or “that is so cool lets try it this way”.  What’s lovely is we can stop anytime and have a fabulous cup of tea from Candace’s special Herban Living Tea blends yummy!!!


Candace's Herban Living at the Inspired at Home East Coast Studio

Today was real cute! (Sorry I missed the photo op for this one.) A mother brought her two year old and the playpen (she called it a stack ‘n play and she did call and ask before she arrived) into the studio. She  sat and beaded while the little one played in the playpen.  It was a great concept but the little one didn’t like it too long. I think it was cool that she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from being creative — at least for a few minutes! (She eventually purchased all of her supplies and took them home with her.)  She came back for the studio evening hours and created by herself…Mommy time!!!

Tiffany working on Faster Plaster at the Inspired at Home East Coast Studio

Tiffany working on Faster Plaster at the Inspired at Home East Coast Studio

More video taping on the calendar to finish up 3 more short videos on Faster Plaster. I’m really loving the Faster Plaster….. you did see the eBook.. right? I will be here ten more days . So if you are in the area please stop by and visit. Or better yet come be creative with us. We’ll even make you a cup of yummy tea! >> Love, Heidi

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Aleene and Heidi’s Cambria Adventure

10-11-09TeaCozyLOS OSOS, CA – Sunday afternoon – For the past couple of days, my mother Aleene has been visiting me before I leave this next week for a visit in Maryland with my sisters Candace and Tiffany.

Mom and I love to go to all of our favorite hang outs when she visits.  We have a kind of ritual we follow when mom visits. First we both love The Tea Cozy in Cambria, California (on the Central Coast). It’s a lovely British tea house that has wonderful tea sandwiches, always an incredible soup and they have their own blends of amazing teas.  Barry ‘ the Tea Master’ and his wife LeeAnne ‘the chef’ are absolutely amazing!!!  I’m sorry we missed getting a photo of having tea, we were so ready to indulge we just missed the photo op. But we did manage to photo the shop.

10-11-09PackageSecond we always like to go to all the gardens and nurseries in the area. Our first stop after our tea time was Cambria Pines Nursery, a wonderful space with all kinds of different gardens and delights! Second stop is The Garden Shed – a cute and whimsical garden area with lots of garden gadgets and decor for the garden. Right next door is the quaint Birds of a Feather shoppe. They have amazing little collections of vintage collectibles and do-dads. (Mom and I laughed when we saw a sprig of velvet leaves for sale for $10.00 when she used to sell them in her store for 39 cents). I bought a few vintage ribbons shaped liked leaves that I thought I would use on my newest Spirit Balls (featured in a new eBook that is launching this next week). I just had to show you how they packaged my purchase. (I only bought a couple of yards of each). It’s always so special when a shop makes the extra effort to embellish your purchase. I just love that!!!

10-11-09AleeneHollyhockNext stop Heart’s Ease (formerly owned by author Sharon Lovejoy.)  It’s a delightful herb garden and store that Candace and I discovered over 20 years ago.  The little cottage has herbal soaps, lotions, potpourri and a wonderful herb garden with garden statues sitting amongst the wonderful blooming hollyhocks and other gorgeous flowers. Mom enjoyed the hollyhock photo op!

Mom and I finished the day by parking our car by the ocean and watching the waves crash onto the rocks and had a glimpse of a dolphin, sea otters and sea lions frolicking in the waves.

We came back home to home-cooked spaghetti with yummy meatballs made by my hubby Harold.

Yes, it was a great visit!!! Thanks for visiting Mom! Next time, we will have to do our other favorite – Nepenthe Restaurant in Big Sur. Love Ya!  >>Heidi

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Packaging Tape… not just for Taping!

IAH-136TapeSwellLOS OSOS, CASaturday afternoon – Eileen Eisele of Tape Swell was a recent guest on our Inspired At Home radio show. If you haven’t checked out this product – go now! WOW!!!  These are the coolest printed tapes ever! “Printed tapes? ” you ask. This is one of those fabulous ideas that you say to yourself  ” I should have thought of that!!!”  Eileen has a line of  packaging type tapes that have really “swell” designs printed on them. So instead of sending out a package with just plain old clear tape, you use  one of  TapeSwell’s designer tapes and viola! instant inspired package. I LOVE it!!!

Of course I didn’t want to stop at putting tape just on my outgoing packages…. I wanted to design with it!  I took some inexpensive paper mache boxes and made them into designer boxes by using the black printed design.   I suggest making lots up… cause you never know when you might need a small gift box. And what could be easier that just putting tape onto a box. So super swell and simple!!!

IAH-136TapeSwellTapesOh no, I didn’t stop there!!! You know me, I just have to create more!!  Jewelry was my next design challenge with this amazing product.  The EcoHeidi in me thought it would be great to create with a recycle item. I love plastic drinking straws. These are great because they are a bit thicker than most plastic straws. (I’m pretty sure I got these at Subway.) I painted the plastic drinking straws black  (Krylon’s Fusion Paint for Plastic works great!) Let them dry. Cut the painted straws into different lengths. I then put pieces of  the plastic tape (I used the tape that looks like lace) over the prepared drinking straws.  I then threaded glass beads and the straw beads onto a strand of silk cording. I tied a knot in between each cluster.  At the end I crimped a metal cording bead, then attached a closure.  Fabulous look!!

I just can’t rave enough about TapeSwell!!! And thanks, Eileen, for your creative product! I Love It!! Just being creative!! EcoHeidi- That’s me!!

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What to do with Dryer Sheets

IAH-131SachetsLOS OSOS, CAMonday morning – Dryer sheet sachets have to be one of my top ten favorite designs! I actually made these sachets years ago for the Aleene’s Creative Living television show.  (And yes, these were tucked away in storage in  ‘the Shed’). I have made many since these originals, as they make a great gift for just pennies, and you get great comments.

I love the delicate look these have.  By using the dryer sheets and the white paint they kind of have a lacey look.  AND they are recycling (or is this upcycling?) something that normally gets thrown away. (That is if you can find them in dryer – usually stuck to the sheets and towels!)  So, start saving your used dryer sheets or if you want to make some right away… grab some right from the box. Either way you’ll make a great creative project. Creatively yours…. Heidi

by Heidi Borchers for


Dryer Sheets (You can use new or ‘used’ dryer sheets. If they are wrinkled, iron flat with low to medium heat on iron. Test first as some dryer sheets tend to melt from hear of the iron. If this happens, iron dryer sheet in between two thicknesses of paper towels.)
Acrylic paint  – white
Sewing machine (If you don’t sew, you can glue with Aleene’s® Fast Grab Tacky Glue®)
Craft foam – any color
Aleene’s® FunCraft™ Foam Glue
Tulip 3D Dimensional Paint – Liquid Pearl
Brush – ½” wide flat
Lavender flowers, potpourri or aromatic herbs
Waxed paper (to protect work surface)
Scissors (and craft knife for foam board)
Paper towelsIAH-131Step2
Wet wipes


Transfer patterns (see below) to craft foam and cut out. Cut foamboard slightly larger than designs. Glue craft foam design to foamboard using Aleene’s® FunCraft™ Foam Glue. Let glue dry.

To stamp designs, place prepared dryer sheet onto waxed paper on a flat surface.  Plan placement of your design so you can make use of the entire dryer sheet, making sure you have enough space around design to stitch on the sewing machine. Carefully and quickly, brush an even coat of acrylic paint onto foam design. Immediately while paint is still wet, press onto IAH-131Step3dryer sheet and lift. Wipe paint from stamp with wet wipe or damp paper towel.  Let paint dry. On the heart design, I placed dots of Tulip paint along edge of hearts. Let dimensional paint dry.

When paint is dry, place a piece of dryer sheet (same size as painted one) to back of painted one and stitch three sides. Fill with potpourri, lavender or your choice of herbs. Stitch remaining side closed. Clip off any threads.  If necessary, trim edges with scissors or pinking shears.


If gluing edges together, place a thin line of the Aleene’s® Fast Grab Tacky Glue® onto three sides of a plain sheet of the dryer sheet. Place painted side up in the glue. Let glue dry. Fill with potpourri or lavender. Carefully glue remaining side closed. Let glue dry. Trim edges as above.

Heidi’s Designer Tip:  I always test the stamp design first. Just apply the paint as instructed and then stamp onto clean piece of paper or waxed paper. This will help to give you an idea of just how much paint to use and how much pressure to put on the stamp. Then to ahead and stamp the dryer sheet!


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More Design Treasures

IAH-125-GloveLOS OSOS, CA – Monday morning – Last week, I promised I would share some more design treasures I recently found from inside my storage building  ‘The Shed’. Not long ago we would say ‘The Shed’ with an eerriee frightening voice… “it’s in the SHED!!!! Errrr! Help me! Don’t make me go in there” … a black hole where lots of our stuff is being stored.

Even some of my long-lost designs from the Aleene’s Creative Living Television show were in this space…… until a recent intervention of organizing. It was a huge undertaking ….. but so worth it!!

You’re probably wondering what a photo of a glove has to do with anything! Well, here are a couple of cute designs I made for TV (air date unknown but it was a long time ago!) using work gloves or garden type gloves.

I actually remember designing these ‘play’ gloves with the family in mind.  My IAH-125-Family-Play-Glovethought process at the time was “wouldn’t it be cool to make a glove with a family…Mom.. Dad… Kids… Pets.” (Of course if you have a bigger family you will need to use more gloves!)

Why not start a Family Craft Night where everyone can join in, craft together and just have fun? If Dad has a mustache and glasses, go for it….. the cat is striped… use the marking pen.

I didn’t make any patterns for these…they are just to spark your family’s imagination! Don’t forget to use what you have around the house…. just scraps of fabric, floss, felt…glued into place with my favorite – Aleene’s Super Thick Tacky Glue … a little paint for the faces and a fine line marking pen for the detail. It’s fun for all ages. Even the teens will enjoy creating their own look.

IAH-125-Family-Play-Glove2Keep in mind you don’t even need to stick with making just family gloves. Get creative! How about making your own family story book. The important thing is getting the kids away from the computer, the tv….and in to bonding in a fun creative way… Enjoy creating with your family! Love, Heidi

P.S.  Don’t forget to share your project photos with us from crafting with the family. We’ll post them right here on our blog!

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Amazing What Treasures You Will Find When You Clean Up!!!

8-10-09-GourdsLOS OSOS, CA – Wednesday morning – So I recently cleaned out ‘The Shed’ and I promised you I would share what actual treasures I found besides the list of ‘stuff’ that had accumulated in our storage area.

So, here’s the first one! Over two years ago we bought an acre of land, and have been enjoying the space.  Lots of wonderful fruit trees and our garden. Last year I tried my non-green thumb at growing gourds. My sister Tiffany and I took a class many years ago on decorating gourds and we were hooked. So into the garden went gourd seeds. After I harvested the ‘handful’ of gourds from my garden, I hung them to dry out in ‘The Shed’….then kind of forgot them….until we just recently re-organized the space.

8-10-09-Gourd-finishedSo the top photo is the bounty (yep that’s all of it – one year’s worth) and this is the original art piece I made in my first gourd decorating class.

I am going to keep my bounty close by to remind me I need to create something from them too!!! Although they are kind of cool just like they are… the natural look…. Nah!!    I am going to decorate them… someday.

Creative Juices are a Flowing –

Love, Heidi

(Yes there are a lot more treasures found to write about but I need to get done with projects that are currently taking up space on my studio table.)

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