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Clay – Who knew?

Clay. A long time ago I was told that a mixture of red clay and cold witch hazel extract was a great treatment for poison ivy rash. I tried it and it really works. The clay draws the toxins up to the surface of the skin and really helps heal poison ivy. I know that clay is really important in herbal cosmetic blends but until recently I really didn’t know why. There are many types of clay used – red clay, white clay, green clay, bentonite clay and kaolin clay just to name a few. Clay is used because it reduces swelling and inflammation, draws out impurities, exfoliates, stimulates circulation, cleanses and does not draw the oils from the skin. Clay actually raises the temperature of the skin releasing toxins.  Wow, so much from something so simple! Clay is made from hundreds of years of decay and compression of debris and rainwater in different regions. Clay is very high in minerals. In many parts of the world clay is eaten and is supposedly very good for what ails you. P.S. Did you know that kaolin clay is an ingredient in Kaopectate, Rolaids, Di gel, Mylanta and Maalox. Who knew? Here’s to your wellness! >>Candace


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Terrorific Tuesday – It’s getting spooky!

10-27-09TerrorificTuesdayIt’s Terrorific Tuesday. Get spooky with us! (Our thanks to Alexa Westerfield for the inspiration behind Terrorific Tuesday.)

Trick or Treat!
Frame and post it note holder dressed for Halloween

Costumed Kokeshi Dolls
Try out a Halloween idea for a traditional Japanese doll with Crafterella

Halloween Mask
Phyllis Dobbs created a fun and easy Halloween mask – great for adults and kids!

Fun Halloween Lanterns
Stephenie Hamen accessorizes plain paper lanterns with her paper punches.

Black Widow & Bloody Necklaces
Pattie Wack uses 3-D paint to create chokers that will creep out your party guests!

Tutu Cute Halloween Wreath
Vanessa creates an inspired wreath made of tulle!

Mad Scientist Party
Amy of Living Locurto shares a slew of fun ideas to host your own Mad Scientist Party.

Halloween Zombie Dolls
Crafty Chica shows how to add some zombie love to your decor!

Boopsie Daisy shares some of the wonderful Halloween dollies that she dreams up!

Crafty Chica’s Ghost Story!
Kathy Cano-Murillo shares a haunted crafty tale!

Halloween Cone Witches
Make these cute little paper cone witches for Halloween!

Halloween Leftovers
Mel takes the leftovers from last week’s project and makes a cool Goth choker!

Brenda Pinnick Halloween Owls
Seasonal Owls for Scaring or Delighting Trick or Treaters

The Impatient Crafter
Margot creates another spooktacular mixed media necklace with a bite.

Halloween Batty Windchime
Heidi Borchers creates a super cute windchime with personality!

Kitschy Kitschy BOO
Add some Halloween flair to your day with this cute kitschy bracelet and earring combo!

Simple Halloween Gift Tags
Studio Mama makes a strong impact with these quick and easy tags!

Strands of Beads
Melissa once again gives some pretty flower beads a Gothic makeover with this simple earring design

Costume Fun
Sharron Westerfield shares her passion for costume-making and the joy it brings her grandchildren.

Return of the Birthday Zombie
Candace is cracking herself up with this ghoulish gift box idea

Doodle Pumpkin
Swelldesigner a.k.a. Alexa Westerfield shows you how to make a fun pumpkin on the fly!

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Inspired at Home Radio – October 25, 2009

ShowPhotoCompGRASONVILLE, MDMonday afternoon – Just in case you missed last night’s Inspired at Home Radio show here are the podcast links (or click here for the print transcript of the show):

Craft Concierge Maria Nerius – Halloween Tidbits & Trivia– Listen >>

Brenda Pinnick – Brenda Pinnick Color U – Nature Inspired Color Palettes – Listen >>
(Click to open visuals in separate window while listening to Brenda’s report)

Creativity Sisters – Project Picks of the Week – Listen >>

Carol Owen – Crafting Personal Shrines – Listen >>

Linda Peterson – Friendly Plastic – Listen >>

Candace Liccione – Herban Living – Basil – Listen >>

Katheryn Bieber – Raising Your Creative Vibe – Listen >>

Creativity Sisters – Final Few Picks of the Week – Listen >>

Listen to the entire podcast episode (including creative roundtable discussion) – Listen >>


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Creating Away… at the East coast… Inspired at Home Studio


Heidi in Inspired at Home East Coast Studio

GRASONVILLE, MD – Saturday night – Oh my gosh, I’ve already been here over a week in Maryland, visiting the east coast Inspired at Home studio!!!!

We’ve been busy with all of our projects and creating away.  Lots to do and so little time! I’ve already taught a class on making Fairy Houses, Tiffany and I worked on videos for Faster Plaster this week (now I can’t even remember which days that was), we’ve had hair done, makeup, and photos done, we went to Annapolis shopping and to lunch last Monday. Whew!

Candace and I have been taking  ‘inventory’  to see what needs to be done or made for the studio.  We often get side tracked on our creative projects…..”oh look, what do you think if I put this together on a box”  or “that is so cool lets try it this way”.  What’s lovely is we can stop anytime and have a fabulous cup of tea from Candace’s special Herban Living Tea blends yummy!!!


Candace's Herban Living at the Inspired at Home East Coast Studio

Today was real cute! (Sorry I missed the photo op for this one.) A mother brought her two year old and the playpen (she called it a stack ‘n play and she did call and ask before she arrived) into the studio. She  sat and beaded while the little one played in the playpen.  It was a great concept but the little one didn’t like it too long. I think it was cool that she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from being creative — at least for a few minutes! (She eventually purchased all of her supplies and took them home with her.)  She came back for the studio evening hours and created by herself…Mommy time!!!

Tiffany working on Faster Plaster at the Inspired at Home East Coast Studio

Tiffany working on Faster Plaster at the Inspired at Home East Coast Studio

More video taping on the calendar to finish up 3 more short videos on Faster Plaster. I’m really loving the Faster Plaster….. you did see the eBook.. right? I will be here ten more days . So if you are in the area please stop by and visit. Or better yet come be creative with us. We’ll even make you a cup of yummy tea! >> Love, Heidi

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Basil – Medicinal and Herbal

basilGrasonville, MD – Thursday morning We usually associate basil with Italian food such as pasta and pizza. Sounds yummy doesn’t it! In ancient times, basil was thought to possess magical powers and so it was used to make elixirs of love. Today we love basil as a seasoning for all types of food and as a culinary herb it is good for digestive issues.  Medicinally, basil is anti bacterial, anti fungal, good for colds, digestion, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, sleep problems and headaches. Gargling with basil teas will help a sore throat.

Basil also has an essential oil which is used externally in a carrier oil against stress, indigestion, nausea and aids circulation. Basil essential oil does have some cautions so be sure to research the cautions before you use it.

If you grow basil in your garden, harvest it by freezing it because basil loses its essential oils when dried. It’s time to spice up your life with basil.! >>Candace

Basil Inhalation

Boil water in a sauce pan and then add a handful of fresh basil leaves to the pot. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the basil vapors to relieve cold symptoms.

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Terrorific Tuesday – Ooh so spooky!

IAH-124-HalloweenBatWindchimesGRASONVILLE, MD Tuesday morning – Here’s our spooky project for Terrorific Tuesday hosted by our friend and recent Inspired at Home Radio guest Alexa Westerfield.

Halloween Batty Windchime
by Heidi Borchers

This cute bat wind chime will welcome the little ghosts and goblins this Halloween!

Aleene’s® Super Thick Tacky Glue™
Drill with 1/8” drill bit
2” diameter wooden ball
4-1/4” diameter clay  pot
Acrylic paint: black, orange, lime
Pop-up craft sponge
Waxed paper
Dimensional paint: white, black, pink, green, orange
Small wind chimes
Black craft foam
9” (5/8” wide) orange ribbon


Drill hole through wooden ball. Paint ball and clay pot black. Let dry. Transfer triangle pattern to pop-up sponge and cut 2. Dip each into water to expand and wring out excess water. Pour separate puddles of orange and lime paints onto waxed paper. Dip each sponge into 1 color of paint and blot excess paint on side of waxed paper. Continue to blot until color is evenly distributed on sponge. Do not oversaturate the sponge. Press sponge on rim of pot and lift. Alternate colors. Let design dry. Wash sponge throughly and store for future use.

Paint facial features on wooden ball with dimensional paints. Let dry.

Apply glue to top of windchimes. Working from inside pot, thread wind chimes hanger through hole in bottom of pot. Pull wind chimes up to pot and glue in place. Let dry. Thread wind chimes hanger through hole in wooden ball head, working from bottom to top and pushing head down onto pot bottom. Glue head in place on pot. Let dry.

Transfer patterns to foam and cut 1 wings and 2 ears. Trim bottom edge of each ears to fit curve of head. Glue ears in place on head. Let dry. Referring to photo, paint inner ears and details on wings with orange dimensional paint. Let dry. Glue wings to back of pot. Tie ribbon into bow. Glue bow to front of pot, just below head. Let dry.

Heidi’s designer tip: Practice stamping design on side of waxed paper several times before stamping onto pot.  If your design doesn’t stamp in its entirety on bag, simply load sponge with paint again, re-align stamp and re-stamp design. Also, remember when using dimensional paint that you continue to shake the bottle contents down to avoid air bubbles while applying.


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Inspired at Home Radio – October 18, 2009

10-18-09ShowCompGRASONVILLE, MDMonday afternoon – Just in case you missed last night’s Inspired at Home Radio show here are the podcast links (or click here for the print transcript of the show):

Craft Concierge Report by Maria Nerius – Preservation for Family Photos & Paper Memorabilia – Listen >>

Jennifer Blevins – iLovetoCreate trend report – “Plaid” – Listen >>

Creativity Sisters – Project Picks of the Week – Listen >>

Lorine Mason – Thrift Store Sewing – Listen >>

Nick Romer – Make Millions on Selling on QVC – Insider Secrets to Launching Your Product on TV – Listen >>

Candace Liccione – Herban Living – Basil – Listen >>

Katheryn Bieber – Emergency First Aid for Dealing with Criticism – Listen >>

Creativity Sisters – Final Few Picks of the Week – Listen >>

Listen to the entire podcast episode (including creative roundtable discussion) – Listen >>


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