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Inspired at Home Radio – December 20, 2009

Amy Allen Clark - MomAdvice.comGRASONVILLE, MD Sunday afternoon – Join me tonight for Inspired at Home Radio!

My feature guest is Amy Allen Clark, founder and creator of who will be sharing her last minute tips for making your home a holiday haven for family and friends.

Plus my favorite “best of” interviews with Jo Packham of Where Women Create Magazine and Jana Ewy Friendly Plastic designer extraordinaire!

I’ll be on-air LIVE at 7 pm Eastern (6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific) Listen from your computer! >>Tiffany


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Faster Plaster Garden Magnets

GRASONVILLE, MD – Sunday afternoon – Here’s a really quick project that will garner a smile from your favorite gardening enthusiast.  Make these cute mini-tile magnets by the dozen!  Using pre-cut adhesive backed craft foam shapes for the embossing technique, you can create all sorts of themed magnets and more from Faster Plaster.

Faster Plaster Garden Magnets by Tiffany Windsor


Faster Plaster
Measuring cup
Plastic container with lid
Bite-size Brownie Squares Silicone Baking Mold by Wilton
Pre-cut adhesive backed craft foam shapes
Adirondack Alcohol Ink by Ranger
Aleene’s® Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue
3D Crystal Lacquer by Sakura
Black acrylic paint (or permanent marking pen)
Paint brush

Remove paper backing from foam shape and press into bottom of mold. Repeat for additional molds. Place mold on smooth level surface. Following package instructions, mix Faster Plaster and pour into mold covering foam shape. Fill mold to the top. When plaster is solid to the touch, carefully turn mold over and release plaster. Use tip of pin to help pull foam shape from plaster. If needed, use blunt end and edge of toothpick to clean up design. Following package instructions use microwave to speed up drying if desired. Apply alcohol ink directly from bottle to imprint areas. Squeeze a few drops of alcohol ink on palette and mix with water to create a color wash. Brush wash onto remaining surface of plaster. Let dry. Adhere magnet to back of tile. If desired, apply coat of 3D Lacquer to raised stamped area of mini-tile. Let dry overnight.

For more fabulous Faster Plaster project ideas, read our eBook – Faster Plaster: 50+ Fabulously Fun, Fantastic and Fresh Ideas.

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Inspired at Home LIVE – Holiday Ideas Event

Just in case you missed the December 7, 2009 Inspired at Home Holiday LIVE event click here to view – GO>>

Guest demonstrations included:

Fran Valera – Little Windows Brilliant Photo Jewelry

Eileen Hull – ScoreBoards by Sizzix

Maria Nerius – Loofa Soap

Heidi Borchers – Coffee Cup Roses Eco-Art

Tiffany Windsor – 7-Day Candle Sleeves

To learn more about upcoming LIVE events – click here!

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Nutmeg – Culinary and Medicinal

GRASONVILLE, MDThursday morning – Nutmeg is a wonderful aromatic spice. The nutmeg tree, which can grow up to 60 feet tall, is native to the Molucca Islands in the South Pacific. The tree produces a peach shaped fruit known as the nutmeg apple which is discarded for the seed inside. The fruit splits when ripe to expose a pecan sized nut wrapped in a bright red netting. The netting which when dried is yellow in color is called mace. Mace is used in Indian and Asian cuisine and is also used in baked goods. Mace is milder in flavor than nutmeg. Nutmeg is used for seasoning vegetables, white sauces, pasta fillings and meat dishes. Of course, we are most familiar with nutmeg as the wonderful flavor in pumpkin pie and eggnog. Nutmeg loses its flavor quickly when powdered so it is best to use the whole nutmeg and grate with a nutmeg grater.

Medicinally, nutmeg is good for the cardiovascular system, promotes concentration, reduces joint inflammation, is good for diarrhea and upset stomach. Be aware that nutmeg is toxic in large doses so don’t use more than 2 tablespoons of grated nutmeg or 10 drops of essential oil a day. Also nutmeg and nutmeg essential oil have other cautions so be sure to check out the cautions before using.

Nutmeg essential oil is used for digestion, bloat, dyspepsia, sea sickness and muscle pains. It is a stimulant and is also good for nervous and intellectual fatigue. This oil can also produce colorful and intense dreams.

Nutmeg Tea (for upset stomach)

Add a small pinch of nutmeg to peppermint tea or sprinkle nutmeg over one tablespoon of honey to soothe an upset stomach.

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