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IAH-125-GloveLOS OSOS, CA – Monday morning – Last week, I promised I would share some more design treasures I recently found from inside my storage building  ‘The Shed’. Not long ago we would say ‘The Shed’ with an eerriee frightening voice… “it’s in the SHED!!!! Errrr! Help me! Don’t make me go in there” … a black hole where lots of our stuff is being stored.

Even some of my long-lost designs from the Aleene’s Creative Living Television show were in this space…… until a recent intervention of organizing. It was a huge undertaking ….. but so worth it!!

You’re probably wondering what a photo of a glove has to do with anything! Well, here are a couple of cute designs I made for TV (air date unknown but it was a long time ago!) using work gloves or garden type gloves.

I actually remember designing these ‘play’ gloves with the family in mind.  My IAH-125-Family-Play-Glovethought process at the time was “wouldn’t it be cool to make a glove with a family…Mom.. Dad… Kids… Pets.” (Of course if you have a bigger family you will need to use more gloves!)

Why not start a Family Craft Night where everyone can join in, craft together and just have fun? If Dad has a mustache and glasses, go for it….. the cat is striped… use the marking pen.

I didn’t make any patterns for these…they are just to spark your family’s imagination! Don’t forget to use what you have around the house…. just scraps of fabric, floss, felt…glued into place with my favorite – Aleene’s Super Thick Tacky Glue … a little paint for the faces and a fine line marking pen for the detail. It’s fun for all ages. Even the teens will enjoy creating their own look.

IAH-125-Family-Play-Glove2Keep in mind you don’t even need to stick with making just family gloves. Get creative! How about making your own family story book. The important thing is getting the kids away from the computer, the tv….and in to bonding in a fun creative way… Enjoy creating with your family! Love, Heidi

P.S.  Don’t forget to share your project photos with us from crafting with the family. We’ll post them right here on our blog!


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