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Fave Crafts Radio – April 25, 2010

I can’t seem to stop myself! When it comes to booking my Sunday night radio shows, the line-ups seem to grow and grow! This Sunday’s FaveCrafts Radio show is super-charged with 10 guests!  Yep! I really did it this time!

Jenni Bowlin is the creative force behind Jenni Bowlin Studio – a boutique papercrafting manufacturer with a “vintage fresh” attitude.

Little Birdie Secrets was born from the crafting obsession of three friends – Stacy Clark, Jessica Myrup and Mandy Sybrowsky whose mission it is to share the wealth of fun projects and helpful tips they find!

Wendy Hyde is a busy wife and mother to 4 kids who works part-time from home as an editorial assistant, runs a photography business with her husband and blogs at The Shabby Nest about her love of all things home.

Carly Verble is an Etsy artist who creates an eyewear colleciton known as The Haus That Jane Built. Each pair of glasses are made to order guaranteeing a completely unique piece!

Ann Butler launches her new Organize This! report series. Getting organized can be a major production for some and as easy as putting things away for others.

Pat Sloan drops by with her FabChat report focusing on what’s new in the fabric world.

Jennifer Blevins reports on the Steampunk trend.

Candace Liccione reports on the benefits of mineral rich sea salts and shares the cutest mosaic Bath Jars for Mom.

Tune in Sunday April 25th at 7 pm Eastern for creative craft-chat on FaveCrafts Radio!


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Inspired at Home Radio – January 17, 2010

Join us tonight at 7 pm Eastern for Inspired at Home Radio! Feature guest: Lisa Fulmer from C&T Publishing. Lisa will be talking about the recent launch of the Liquitex Surface Design Center. Also joining us is Jennifer Blevins from, a Duncan Enterprises Company who will share this week’s trend report, Candace Liccione shares her berban living report and Craft Concierge and Inspired at Home Pajama Party host Maria Nerius shares her creative insights!  Listen from your computer! Set a reminder! GO>>

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Nutmeg – Culinary and Medicinal

GRASONVILLE, MDThursday morning – Nutmeg is a wonderful aromatic spice. The nutmeg tree, which can grow up to 60 feet tall, is native to the Molucca Islands in the South Pacific. The tree produces a peach shaped fruit known as the nutmeg apple which is discarded for the seed inside. The fruit splits when ripe to expose a pecan sized nut wrapped in a bright red netting. The netting which when dried is yellow in color is called mace. Mace is used in Indian and Asian cuisine and is also used in baked goods. Mace is milder in flavor than nutmeg. Nutmeg is used for seasoning vegetables, white sauces, pasta fillings and meat dishes. Of course, we are most familiar with nutmeg as the wonderful flavor in pumpkin pie and eggnog. Nutmeg loses its flavor quickly when powdered so it is best to use the whole nutmeg and grate with a nutmeg grater.

Medicinally, nutmeg is good for the cardiovascular system, promotes concentration, reduces joint inflammation, is good for diarrhea and upset stomach. Be aware that nutmeg is toxic in large doses so don’t use more than 2 tablespoons of grated nutmeg or 10 drops of essential oil a day. Also nutmeg and nutmeg essential oil have other cautions so be sure to check out the cautions before using.

Nutmeg essential oil is used for digestion, bloat, dyspepsia, sea sickness and muscle pains. It is a stimulant and is also good for nervous and intellectual fatigue. This oil can also produce colorful and intense dreams.

Nutmeg Tea (for upset stomach)

Add a small pinch of nutmeg to peppermint tea or sprinkle nutmeg over one tablespoon of honey to soothe an upset stomach.

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Myrrh – Herbal and Medicinal

GRASONVILLE, MD – Thursday morning –  Myrrh is a resin from a tree and is harvested much in the same manner as frankincense. Myrrh is very antiseptic so you will see it in many products for mouth and gum health such as toothpaste, gargles and mouthwash. Myrrh is also an ingredient in healing salves and liniments for its antiseptic properties. Myrrh is used in Chinese medicine for arthritic and circulatory problems and in Ayurvedic medicine for its tonic and rejuvenation properties. Myrrh has cautions with regard to not using if you are pregnant and is not for use with children. Myrrh is also good for mature, wrinkled or aging skin.  Myrrh essential oil has a warm, earth, woody scent and is used for athlete’s foot, bronchitis, chapped skin, gums, bad breath and toothaches. The scent is said to have a cooling effect on heated emotions, brings tranquility to your spirit, peace and inner stillness. So try some myrrh or myrrh essential oil and experience its healing effects on body, mind and spirit. >>Candace     Listen to Candace’s podcast report – GO>>

Holiday Aromatherapy Blend

Use 5 drops each: Frankincense essential oil, myrrh essential oil, cedarwood essential oil and orange essential oil. Blend oils together in small bottle and place a few drops into an aromatherapy diffuser to scent your home for the holidays.

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Inspired at Home Radio – November 22, 2009

GRASONVILLE, MDMonday morning – Just in case you missed last night’s Inspired at Home Radio show here are the podcast links (or click here for the print transcript of the show):

Craft Concierge Maria Nerius – Talking Turkey – Listen >>

Brenda Pinnick Color U – Oh So Blue! – Listen >>

Creativity Sisters – Project Picks of the Week – Listen >>

Heidi Boyd – CraftCycleListen >>

Mike Assile – Beacon Adhesives – Listen >>

Candace Liccione – Herban Living – Myrrh – Listen >>

Creativity Sisters – Final Few Picks of the Week – Listen >>

Listen to the entire podcast episode (including creative roundtable discussion) – Listen >>


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Frankincense – Herbal and Medicinal

Frankincense is an herb of legend, an herb rich in religious history and a wonderful herb used in incense blends. Frankincense is an aromatic resin obtained from the Bosweillia tree. Frankincense Frankincense is tapped from this tree through scraping the bark so the resin seeps out and hardens into what is called “frankincense tears”. These trees grow in some of the toughest environments and are considered to be more medicinal the harsher the growing conditions. Frankincense has a woodsy, spicy and fruity scent. It elevates the spirit and soul and is relaxing for nervous tension.

Frankincense, the herb, is seldom used internally but is used in aromatherapy and incense blends. Frankincense is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-depressant, stimulates new cell growth, helps prevent wrinkles, is used on stretch marks and helps counteract aging — also heals wounds, is an expectorant, treats coughs and colds and is a gastric tonic.

Frankincense has an essential oil that is considered non-toxic and non-irritant and used externally only. The essential oil is also very antiseptic, in a diffuser helps to reduce anxiety and tension by slowing and deepening breathing, assists in easing worry, agitation and is very refreshing. So the next time you need a relaxing and spirit raising moment, try putting some frankincense into a diffuser and let your tension drift away.  >>Candace

Frankincense Stretch Mark Remedy

Place 2 drops each of frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil and neroli essential oil into an unscented lotion or carrier oil such as olive or almond oil. Rub gently into areas with stretch marks.

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Inspired at Home Radio – November 15, 2009

Inspired at Home Radio - November 15, 2009GRASONVILLE, MDMonday morning – Just in case you missed last night’s Inspired at Home Radio show here are the podcast links (or click here for the print transcript of the show):

Craft Concierge Maria Nerius – How do I craft with flat marbles and clear pebbles? – Listen >>

Inspired at Home LIVE on Facebook Events – What are these new LIVE events all about? – Listen >>

Creativity Sisters – Project Picks of the Week – Listen >>

Marisa Pawelko – Modern Surrealist, LLCListen >>

Candace Liccione – Herban Living – Frankincense – Listen >>

Creativity Sisters – Final Few Picks of the Week – Listen >>

Listen to the entire podcast episode (including creative roundtable discussion) – Listen >>


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