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‘The Shed’ or Clutter with a capital ‘C’

8-10-09-Outside-ShedLOS OSOS, CA – Tuesday morning – This past week I’ve had two of my grandsons visiting….. Joshua, 16 and Mason, 11. Joshua is always such a great help and we are always grateful when he comes to help us. (It’s the extra pair of strong arms to help carry and move stuff!!) Mason, with his amazing energy, helps in small moments then explores our property. In other words it’s hard to keep him focused very long. This week we decided to tackle ‘The Shed’ ! It’s one of those places that seems to collect everything we think we want to keep… after all, we will use that ‘everything’ sometime…won’t we?

8-10-09-Grey-Totes-Aleene-AWell ‘The Shed’ was becoming the ‘black hole’ of stuff including the Aleene’s archives (at least 15 large plastic grey totes), my Christmas stuff (six large plastic totes…but they are red and green so I know which ones they are), other holiday decor (including two big outdoor wood decoration pieces…one  is a rabbit the other is Mr & Mrs Santa and reindeer plus some cutout wood Christmas trees), my kiln (it’s pretty big), lots of bisque (from my store that closed 3 years ago), extra paints (both spray and house), my band saw, my scroll saw), my drill press, my husband’s table saw, the generator (we are all set if the power goes off), and about 300 pounds of sanded grout (20to 30 colors– a 10# bag of each)….. Yes I probably missed a few things!!

8-10-09-Hazel-ArchivesSince I’ve recently collected the Hazel Pearson archives (I haven’t really counted box by box but I’m thinking over 50 boxes), I was thinking it could go into ‘The Shed’…. if I just arranged it right…..Right?  Well that meant emptying everything….. building usable shelving and then putting everything back in its special space.  Five days later… yes we have an organized area where I can find everything…. you can actually walk into ‘The Shed’ . Whoo Hoo!!!

I did find lots of treasures but we’ll talk about that next time. So, for now I’m just a little bit more organized. Lovin’ it! >>Heidi

Now what I didn’t tell you…. is that was only one part of ‘The Shed’.  There is a whole other section with my husband’s ‘everythings’ from his electrical business!!!  That’s a whole different story!!!


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I Love My Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue!

IAH-086-Forged-Foil-FramesLOS OSOS, CA – Monday morning As I have been digging through the Aleene’s archives for the Aleene Jackson Craft Museum recently, it has been so much fun to see some of the original Aleene’s techniques that have really stood the test of time.  The look of forged foil is one of my absolute favorites. By gluing intriguing textures onto a hard surface and covering it with foil, you can create anything from simple picture frames to works of art! I hope you enjoy this eco-art project as much as I have over the years! >>Heidi

Metallic Forged Foil Frames
by Heidi Borchers

Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue™
Aluminum foil
Rolling pin
Acrylic paint (dark brown or black)
Small paintbrush
Base item: cardboard matboard (or other frame surface)
Texture supplies: string, braid, noodles, found objects, cut cardboard
Sealer – spray or brush-on finish (matte, satin or gloss)

Before you start this project – check out our Tips & Techniques Faux Forged Foil tutorial at

To prepare your item to be forged, glue texture (as noted in supplies above) to surface. Let dry completely.

To prepare your foil, crumple up a piece of foil that is larger than your base. Carefully open up the crumpled foil and lay it on a flat surface. Then roll the foil flat with rolling pin.

Spread Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue over entire front surface of base surface being sure to get glue into all of the crevices of the texture. Lay the foil, dull side towards glue and gently press and push, starting from center and working your way out, until the foil conforms to the texture and shape. If you get a tiny tear, simply glue a tiny piece of crinkled foil over the tear. It will blend right in. For corners and crevices, you may need to use a straight edge to push the foil in. Fold the excess over to the back and glue down. Let glue dry completely.

To antique, mix one part water with 2 parts acrylic paint. Brush mixture onto the surface of the foil, working a small area at a time. Immediately wipe back paint with a soft cloth leaving paint in cracks and crevices to give the frame an antiqued effect.  Let dry.

To bring out the luster of the foil, apply sealer. Let dry.

Heidi’s Designer Tip: For a different look, try florist foil (without paper backing) for this technique. Florist foil can be found in many interesting colors and textures and creates a unique look.

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Great Radio Show Tonight!

Katheryn&DeniseGRASONVILLE, MD – Sunday night – We had a great chat on Inspired at Home Radio tonight.  Our guests were Katheryn Tidwell Bieber and Denise Felt-it-stitch-it-fabulous-Clason. Katheryn talked about her new book – Felt It! Stitch It! Fabulous! which focuses on creating beautiful projects for heart, home and family out of thrift store finds – actually shrinking or felting sweaters right out of the closet on purpose! Katheryn’s interview was certainly inspiring as she also talked about the launch of her regular upcoming segment feature on Inspired at Home Radio called Embracing Your Creative Spirit. When you have a chance, be sure to visit Katheryn at her blog – or check out herQuilted-Bags--Totes-Cover-s Victorian Flowerchild store at

Denise Clason shared the most interesting insights for how designers can get their projects published in magazines.  This is a great step-by-step collection from which magazine to submit to, how to write instructions and how to ship. This information is so useful and will be the creative spark to encourage you to step up and submit your project!  Denise can be reached at her website

Jen's-photoTrend guru at Duncan Enterprises, Jennifer Blevins gave us an informative report on polka dots and how they are showing up in fashion and home decor. Heidi also followed up with an interesting history of polka dots!

On tonight’s show, Candace shared the cutest story about a peace march that took place in the Inspired at Home East Coast Studio in Grasonville. (Find out why Tiffany thought the march was about “whirled peas”.)

For our Herban Living feature Candace also talked about the slightly bad reputation that nettles have because when you try and pick their leaves, they sting you! Most people aren’t aware of the great medicinal properties of this weedy looking herb.

In our after-the-show segment round-table chat, Aleene was certainly distracted which gave us a lot to giggle about.

We also talked about a lot more — so we have an idea! How about you listen to the show?  You can go on-line and listen at your leisure!  >>Tiffany

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Aleene Jackson Craft Museum


Aleene Jackson - Life Magazine - January 5, 1953

GRASONVILLE, MD – Sunday morning – Whew! It has taken me weeks but I finally finished posting a new section of the Aleene Jackson Craft Museum!  I’m really excited about this new posting because we have had so many requests about “where can I find Aleene’s Wood Fibre”. Unfortunately, it is no longer available, but the history of Wood Fibre and its role in the Aleene’s history is now available for you to read on-line!

So many people are familiar with the famous Aleene’s Tacky Glue but they are not aware of how Aleene actually got started in the creative business. In 1944, at the age of 19, she opened a retail florist shop in Arcadia, California while our father was serving in WWII.  She closed that business after her first child (that would be Candace) was born and worked out of her house teaching classes. It was from that fresh flower business that Aleene launched her Make Your Own Corsage Kit. But, the constant stream of delivery truck to the house bringing floral making supplies started to get on the neighbor’s nerves so she opened a new retail store location in Rosemead, California.

Make-Your-Own-Corsage-Kit-AOn Friday April 1, 1949, Aleene ran this ad in the Los Angeles Examiner announcing that the Aleene’s Make Your Own Corsage Kit was available for purchase at Bullock’s Downtown (Los Angeles).

As you read on in the Aleene Jackson Craft Museum history, you will learn how Aleene quickly outgrew her Rosemead store location and expanded her business with the addition of Formosan Wood Fibre which brought her to national attention with her television appearances and feature in the January 5, 1953 issue of Life Magazine.

This new addition to the Museum is a fun read!  I had so much fun reading and researching and scanning and putting it together. I hope you enjoy it! >>Tiff

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Inspired at Home Radio – great show tonight!

allyson&elaineGRASONVILLE, MD – Sunday night – We had another great Inspired at Home Radio show tonight!  Just in case you missed it you can listen to the archived episode from your computer or download it for free from

Our first guest, Allyson Rice talked about her FABULOUS women’s coloring books – The Color of Joy and Dancing with Life. These books are designed especially for women and are great stress busters. Looking for a great gift? Just wrap up one of these coloring books with a yummy set of colored markers and you have a great girlfriend gift! Read about all the details at our show page!

Next up was Karen Elaine Thomas who inspired us with her book Origami Card Craft: 30 Clever Cards and Envelopes to Fold. It all started with folding gum wrapper chains as a kid and has turned into a lifetime passion! It’s time you get to folding Origami cards. It’s loads of fun! Read more about it on our show page!

karen_bremerOur special last-minute guest was Karen Bremer. Karen and her husband own The Red Bee, an 11,000 square foot independent creative store located in Tustin, California. We talked about how independents are able to better serve the creative consumer. Karen’s store website is

My creativity sisters and I talked about links to over 25 website pages that we think you will enjoy checking out this week.  Be sure to check out the show page at our website for all the details of tonight’s show. Have a creative and inspired week!

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The Craft Museum

5-12-09 Aleene & HazelLOS OSOS, CA – Friday morning – This past Tuesday my mother Aleene and I went to the Los Angeles area to visit again with Hazel Pearson Williams. Hazel had been ill for a couple of months…but we are happy to report she is doing very well at 95!!!! Here’s a new photo of these ladies for the archives taken 5-12-09!

Hazel and Mom were the pioneers in the crafting industry. When you walk into Hazel’s home of 60 years, it’s like a journey back in time. Her home is full of all kinds of craft memories — resin grapes…yep she has them — bread dough flower arrangement (s) …check — eggery collection…it’s there — paper tole/decoupage…lots on the walls — draped angels and wisemen…double 5-12-09-Hazel-Eggscheck!!!  Every nook and cranny and lots of glass display cases fill the space with every craft she ever had including the early years of crafting.  Here’s one case that is filled to overflowing with the most incredible egg collection that you could ever imagine. And the greatest thing is that Hazel still enjoys her collection everyday.

In her garage and studio is a different part of the her craft collection. Since Hazel Pearson Handicrafts was also a  craft manufacturer and Craft Course Publishing was her craft booklet publishing company, there are boxes and boxes, from floor to ceiling all  neatly marked with designs and books and instruction sheets.

It’s the collection in the garage that we were there to pick up. (It will take several trips!) It is Tiffany’s and my hope to someday see an actual physical Craft History Museum to honor these women and the entire craft industry.  You have no idea how many crafts started from these two amazing ladies. Until that vision becomes a reality, we will, as time allows, start with posting  some photos of Hazel’s wonderful collection.

What an incredible day we had. We sat at Hazel’s table for several hours and reminisced about the old days. Mom and Hazel giggled a few times about the good times they had at the trade shows. (I think I will keep a few of those stories to myself!) It was a fun day for all. Mom and I were sorry we had to leave.

So I leave you today with a few photos of that wonderful day enjoyed by all and I’ll be posting a few more photos over the next weeks! >>Love,  Heidi

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Faux Snow Day

candace-iciclesGRASONVILLE, MD – Friday evening – I have really fallen behind in my writing on the blog. I can’t seem to remember to do it! I did so enjoy the snow storm we had this past weekend. It is wonderful to have snow days. Sometimes nature just steps in and invites you to have a snow day off. (It was also fabulous when when the sun came back out and gave us beautiful icicles.)

Since on the snow day we couldn’t get out of our driveway, it gave me an excellent excuse for a “me” day.  I spent time doing things that I don’t usually give myself permission to do.  Tiffany and I poured through and sorted boxes of photos for the Aleene Jackson Craft Museum. I did some work in my office preparing for upcoming classes and I even snuck in a nice afternoon nap.  So, whenever I need a break again in the future, I think I’m going to designate a “faux” snow day .  >>Candace

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