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Challenge Heidi – Plastic Food Containers

LOS OSOS, CAMonday morning – Our Inspired at Home Radio listeners love to Challenge Heidi with all sorts of design ideas. This month’s Challenge was submitted by Jean Mardus from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Jean asked Heidi what she would make from the plastic containers with attached lids that the organic greens come in from the grocery store. IAH-147PlasticOrganizers_CHYou know, like organic spinach.

So Heidi took on the challenge and went from this…..

to this . . .

[Read how she did it – GO>> or listen to podcast interview – GO>>]



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Craft Concierge – More on Handmade Paper

GRASONVILLE, MD – Monday morningMaria Nerius, our Inspired at Home Craft Concierge answers your craft questions!  On last night’s Inspired at Home Radio Maria shared more tips on Handmade Paper. There are two very distinct ways to make a sheet of handmade paper. Did you know who the first papermakers were? Listen to Maria’s podcast report – GO>>

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Roses – Culinary and Medicinal

Roses. In flower lore, roses mean love and we all associate roses with love and romance. But roses are so much more than just tokens of love. Roses are edible, great in recipes, to garnish with and for herbal medicine. Rose petals are wonderful dried as an ingredient in herbal teas, or to make rose water (which has cosmetic uses), used to garnish dishes or even steeped in white wine vinegar for use in salad dressing, to make rose petal jam or to make a topping for desserts as in rose syrup. Rose petals are also great in herbal bath blends.  Rose hips, which are the fruit of the rose plant, can be eaten fresh and uncooked but they are quite tart that way so they are best used cooked. They are fabulous in tea blends for color, flavor and they are one of the best natural and freely available sources of Vitamin C. Even rose leaves are medicinal as they are mildly laxative and astringent for drying up wounds. Keep in mind as with any herb or plant that any part of the rose bush that you use must be unsprayed and organic. Roses are so beautiful and so useful in the kitchen, the bath and are revered for their medicinal properties. I love Rose Petal Tea and thought I would share my recipe with you! Enjoy >>Candace

Listen to Candace’s podcast report – GO>>

Rose Petal Tea

1/2 teaspoon dried rose petals
1/2 teaspoon dried rose hips
1/2 teaspoon dried peppermint
1/4 teaspoon dried lavender flowers

Place herbs into a tea infuser and place into a cup. Pour boiling water over infuser and steep 3 – 5 minutes. This blend makes a lovely cup of herbal tea that is refreshing and relaxing.

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Violette’s Bohemian Bliss

GRASONVILLE, MD – Wednesday night – Our friend and Inspired at Home Radio guest, Violette announces her latest online class – Bohemian Bliss Mixed Media Journal Book. Have you ever wanted to own a poofy richly decorated artsy book, fitting treasure in a pirate’s treasure chest? Well, now you can create your own whimsical and inspirational journal book from scratch in this Mixed Media 5-session class….. aaaarrrrgggg!!!!! You’ll be making and embellishing your own beads, painting a face on fabric, and creating and binding your own book! Watch Violette’s intro video – GO>>

September 16, 2009 at 10:50 pm 1 comment

The Creativity Sisters Share their Final Few Picks of the Week

GRASONVILLE, MD – Monday morning – Each week on Inspired at Home Radio, the Creativity Sisters pick favs from inside or outside the crafting world. Listen to this week’s podcast report – GO>>


Heidi’s fav this week is – Check it out!

Candace’s fav this week is the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Tiffany’s fav this week is from

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Katheryn Bieber – Embracing the Joy of the Artist’s Date

GRASONVILLE, MD – Monday morning – Katheryn Tidwell Bieber inspires us weekly with Embracing Your Creative Spirit. On last night’s Inspired at Home Radio show, Katheryn shared how important it is for us to set a weekly Artist’s date. If art is about arranging images with your own creative panache, then it’s important to feed your mind and your soul with lots of yummy fresh colors, thoughts, sounds and even aromas to keep those creative juices flowing. Listen to Katheryn’s podcast report – GO>>

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Ana Araujo – When Creativity Knocks Television

Ana-HeadshotGRASONVILLE, MD – Monday morning – As a 20-year veteran of the craft world, Ana Araujo has been teaching the world to craft her entire life. On last night’s Inspired at Home Radio show, Ana talked about her innovative on-line broadcast how-to tv show, When Creativity Knocks,  that features craft projects submitted by real home viewers. Ana and her daughter Megan make projects side-by-side with real-life viewers and the lively interaction provides the show realism and high quality and easy-to-learn projects provide the substance. Listen to Ana’s podcast interview – GO>>

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