I Love My Aleene’s FunCraft Foam Glue!

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IAH-092-Fun-Foam-FlipsLOS OSOS, CA – Monday morning – What better way for the kids (and the kid in you) to celebrate summer than with some cute-as-can-be flip flops.

Gluing craft foam together and getting it to hold can be a challenge so be sure to use a good foam glue like Aleene’s® FunCraft™ Foam Glue! Here’s to the lazy, crazy days of summer! Love ya! >>Heidi

Fun Flip Flops
by Heidi Borchers for www.inspiredathome.com

Aleene’s® FunCraft™ Foam Glue!
Clothespins (to help hold pieces while drying)
For frog flip-flops: 1 pair flip-flops
Craft foam: green, yellow, black
Opaque shrink plastic (this is the plastic that starts opaque white and shrinks to white)
Craft knife
2 (3/4”) wiggle eyes

For lizard sandals: 1 pair sandals
Craft foam: purple, yellow, pink
Hole punches: ¼” diameter, 3/16” diameter, 1/8” diameter

Instructions for Frog flip-flops

Transfer patterns (see below) to foam and cut 2 heads, 2 faces, 4 eyelids, and 4 feet from green; 2 tongues from yellow; and 2 bugs from black. Transfer wing pattern to plastic and cut 4. Referring to photo as guide, glue 2 wiggle eyes and 2 eyelids in place on each face. Let dry. With bottom of face aligned with placement line, glue 1 face on each head, sandwiching straight end of 1 tongue in between. Glue 1 bug and 2 wings on each tongue. Let dry.

For frog feet, cut 1 (3/4”-long) slit on each side at toe end of each flip-flop, using craft knife. Squeeze glue into each slit. Insert straight end of 1 foot into each slit. Glue 1 frog in place on each flip-flop. Let dry.

Instructions for Lizard sandals

Transfer patterns to foam and cut 2 lizards from purple, 5 diamonds from yellow, and 2 diamonds from pink.

From pink foam scraps, punch 2 (1/4”) circles, 4 (3/16”) circles and 4 (1/8”) circles. From yellow foam scraps, punch 2 (3/16”) circles. Measure ankle strap of sandal. Using pattern and ¼” hole punch, cut 1 pink diamond and punch 1 yellow circle per inch to decorate ankle strap of each sandal.

Referring to photo, glue 5 yellow diamonds in place on each lizard, trimming 2 diamonds to fit tail. Let dry. Beginning with diamond nearest lizard’s head, glue pink circles on yellow diamonds in the following order: 3/16”, ¼”, 3/16”, 1/8” and 1/8”. Glue 1 (3/16”) yellow circle on top of each of 2 pink diamonds. Let dry. Glue 1 lizard and 1 pink diamond with yellow circle on instep of each sandal. Let dry. Glue remaining pink diamonds and yellow circles alternately around ankle strap of each sandal. Let dry.

Heidi’s Designer Tip: To make it easier to glue craft foam together, I always use clothespins to hold my pieces while the glue is drying. Another tip is to apply the glue and let it sit for a few minutes before joining the pieces together.

Enlarge or reduce patterns to desired size.



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