I Love My Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue!

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IAH-086-Forged-Foil-FramesLOS OSOS, CA – Monday morning As I have been digging through the Aleene’s archives for the Aleene Jackson Craft Museum recently, it has been so much fun to see some of the original Aleene’s techniques that have really stood the test of time.  The look of forged foil is one of my absolute favorites. By gluing intriguing textures onto a hard surface and covering it with foil, you can create anything from simple picture frames to works of art! I hope you enjoy this eco-art project as much as I have over the years! >>Heidi

Metallic Forged Foil Frames
by Heidi Borchers

Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue™
Aluminum foil
Rolling pin
Acrylic paint (dark brown or black)
Small paintbrush
Base item: cardboard matboard (or other frame surface)
Texture supplies: string, braid, noodles, found objects, cut cardboard
Sealer – spray or brush-on finish (matte, satin or gloss)

Before you start this project – check out our Tips & Techniques Faux Forged Foil tutorial at favecrafts.com

To prepare your item to be forged, glue texture (as noted in supplies above) to surface. Let dry completely.

To prepare your foil, crumple up a piece of foil that is larger than your base. Carefully open up the crumpled foil and lay it on a flat surface. Then roll the foil flat with rolling pin.

Spread Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue over entire front surface of base surface being sure to get glue into all of the crevices of the texture. Lay the foil, dull side towards glue and gently press and push, starting from center and working your way out, until the foil conforms to the texture and shape. If you get a tiny tear, simply glue a tiny piece of crinkled foil over the tear. It will blend right in. For corners and crevices, you may need to use a straight edge to push the foil in. Fold the excess over to the back and glue down. Let glue dry completely.

To antique, mix one part water with 2 parts acrylic paint. Brush mixture onto the surface of the foil, working a small area at a time. Immediately wipe back paint with a soft cloth leaving paint in cracks and crevices to give the frame an antiqued effect.  Let dry.

To bring out the luster of the foil, apply sealer. Let dry.

Heidi’s Designer Tip: For a different look, try florist foil (without paper backing) for this technique. Florist foil can be found in many interesting colors and textures and creates a unique look.


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