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cooljamsGRASONVILLE, MD – Tuesday night – At Inspired at Home, we love to share information that we think is interesting for women from all walks of life. Last Sunday night, on Inspired at Home Radio, I interviewed Anita Mahaffey, owner of Cool-jams Sleepwear company. (Here’s a pic of Cool-jams on a model!)

I invited Anita to talk about her wicking sleepwear because. . .  1) I love to talk with women entrepreneurs and 2) there have been a lot of sweaty nights that I wish I had known about Cool-jams.  Did you know that over 85% of women experience night sweats or temperature regulation problems at some point in their lives? Night sweats are most often caused by hormonal fluctuations during menopause – yes, that dreaded subject that women seem to shy away from discussing. Well girlfriends, even if you don’t want to talk about it, at least you can find cooljamsaquacomfort from those night sweats and thanks to Cool-jams those night sweats will become bearable and even comfortable!   I love my Cool-jams! (I have this cute capri set in the soothing color of aquamint. Ahhh!) The moisture wicking fabric is made from micro-fiber yarn with “advanced evaporation and thermo-regulation properties.” What does this mean in layman’s terms, these cool pj’s wick away moisture from the body and speed up the evaporation process, thus helping to regulate the body’s temperature as you sleep. It was when I was interviewing Anita that I learned that when the body is warm, the wicking fabric actually helps cool and balance the body’s temperature. There are so many other plusses of this special sleepwear including… they wrinkle free, super soft, machine washable (there’s even a special washing bag provided with each garment), they’re really light weight (a feature I really like) and quick drying.

So, whether you suffer from night sweats or not, you’ll love Cool-jams for many reasons. I love my Cool-jams! Check out all the selections and details at Oh I almost forgot – Inspired at Home fans can type in the coupon code “tenoff” to get 10% off your on-line order. Be sure and tell them you heard about Cool-Jams on Inspired at Home! >>Tiff


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