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June 5, 2009 at 6:09 pm Leave a comment

6-5-09-Candace-Garden-LettuGRASONVILLE, MD – Friday afternoon – We have been so busy since Heidi arrived for her visit that I forgot to keep up with reports on our gardens recently. We have been blessed with lots of rain and that is so important in getting new gardens started. The vegetable garden is in its infancy with all the little tiny seeds peeking up out of the ground. The garden is fenced but we have already had some of the local critters enjoying our new sprouts. There isn’t a sunflower to be found in the garden any longer because apparently a newly sprouted sunflower seed is a real delicacy!

Once the rain stops and the sun comes out, we should experience a wonderful growth spurt in all the plants. The herb garden is very bountiful and it grows so fast. We had some bug issues with the chives and had to spray them with natural bug spray. Some black crawly bugs I am not familiar with decided that chives were yummy. I had to cut the chive plants back to the ground and they seem to be rebounding. The borage is blooming, the lemon balm is running amok, some critter ate the pea plants, the russian sage is trying to take over the garden (it always does). The hollyhock is growing skyward but not blooming yet. The lavender is ready to open its flower stems any day now. Many of the new transplants are still small but growing nicely.

The enjoyment of a garden goes way beyond having fresh herbs and vegetables available for your use but also being able to wander through the plants and enjoy the scents, the insects, the little chipmunk and the skinks (lizards) that live there. We usually have a few snakes wandering through looking for something to eat though not of the plant variety.

A garden is so much more than just food and flowers but also a window into the world of nature to be enjoyed and celebrated. So go out today, walk around your garden or out in nature to enjoy its bounty. >>Candace


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