Gardening on the West Coast

March 14, 2009 at 5:09 pm Leave a comment

Heidi's Peach Blossoms

Heidi's Peach Blossoms

LOS OSOS, CA – Saturday afternoon – How funny that we are both working on our veggie gardens.  Except I’ve been planting already. I can plant seeds right now but just haven’t gotten around to it. I just planted plants this weekend; tomatoes, green bell peppers, Anaheim peppers, and had to replant our strawberry patch. The old strawberry patch became part of the path the dogs run every day.  I was able to save some of the plants and transplant. But now I have an out-of-the-way patch with chicken wire fencing around to protect from our full-of-energy yellow lab Dewey.  The boysenberries are starting to leaf out. I bought two types this year… one with thorns … one without. I’ll let you know how that works out.  Our heidi_plum_tree3plum tree has loads of blossoms.  Some of the newer trees are starting to bud out in small areas. We did just plant a new avocado, hoping to entice our other 2 to bear fruit.  We haven’t had an avocado on the trees since we moved here over two years ago. (Of course the 16 degrees we had here the first month didn’t help.)  This year there are lots of blossoms so hopefully avocados a-plenty. I even went out and talked to the tree the other day – hey it couldn’t hurt!!  We  have been picking the asparagus and eating it. The older plants definitely have  more tender stalks. The new shoots are kind of tough.  Our grandson Joshua was here last week and removed all of the weeds out of the main garden area. So I am ready to plant seeds. And yes Candace,  last year we gave zucchini to every one we knew. I cooked it in everything I possibly could.  So this year just a few zucchini seeds. I’m still overwhelmed with snails everywhere, in the trees, in the plants and lots of them! Candace – Any idea of how to get rid of them? Hopefully I will get all my seeds planted this weekend.  I can’t wait for the peas!!! Yummy! Even Mom was asking if I got them planted yet! >>Love ya,  Heidi


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