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lc_2-24-09GRASONVILLE, MD – Wednesday afternoon – Yesterday’s Laugh & Craft creative playtime was GREAT! Gail, Margie, Candace J & Beth are beaming over their stenciled plaques.

At the start of the creative playtime, I shared my designer secrets for perfect stencilling (it has something to do with cosmetic sponges) and everyone practiced the technique. The first step in creating these plaques is to base coat. Always, always, paint the back of your project. You wouldn’t believe how many rolling of the eyes that I get when I ask and sometimes plead with my creative playmates to paint the back of their projects. Really, it only takes a few minutes and seashellswhat’s the first thing that most people do when they are presented with a present or are checking out your handiwork – they LOOK AT THE BACK or they TURN IT OVER. I don’t know why, but since they do, you always need to paint the back or bottoms of your project.

Next, pick your stencil. I like the stencils that have the thinnest blessingsmaterial. I don’t know what millimeter measurement they are, but those that are the thinnest work the best. (FYI – it is usually the more expensive stencils that are the thinnest.)

On these projects where we included stamped letters, we first stamped the lettering onto blank paper and then cut around the word so that we could place it on our plaque to lovedetermine how we wanted to stencil around the lettering. Then after the stenciling, we came back in and stamped the letters (some were stamped with paint and some with ink.)

I know that there are fabulous stencil brushes that the finest of stencil artists use. When I am using stencil paint cremes (Delta Creative), I use a stencil brush BUT when I am stenciling fast and furiously with acrylic paints (Delta Creative or DecoArt) and know that I need great results every time, I use a cosmetic sponge. The key is to load the cosmetic sponge amuse_mewith a little paint and dab, dab, dab it on your paint palette to evenly distribute the paint and then dab, dab, dab it over your stencil. This is really hard to explain in writing so you’ll just need to stop by one of our free make-it and take it stenciling demos to learn in person!  We’ll see you soon at the Studio! PS. We have just added Laugh & Craft to our Wednesday nights so stopy by at 7 pm and join in the doy-it-yourself creative fun! >>Tiffany


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