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GRASONVILLE, MD – Tuesday morning – Every Tuesday morning, we open up the studio for Laugh & Craft. It’s a time for the girls to get together and have some creative fun. Some of us craft on our own projects-in-process, some sip tea and some just laugh! 

Each week, I start Laugh & Craft by teaching a crafting technique. texture_magic1This week’s technique was Texture Magic. For those of you who have never worked with this product, you really must try it out.  This is a dimensional paint/paste/glue made by Delta Creative that comes in a tube. And you can use it in a hundred different ways. You can stencil with it, embed in it, slather it on, marbelize it – the list goes on and on. 

tm_techniquesOur Laugh & Craft take-home project was a small votive. Everyone was able to search through the embellishments at the Studio to find exactly what design elements they wanted. Next, you tm_naughty2lay blue painters tape (aka low-tack tape) on the surface. In this case, it was straight lines on one side of the votive. Then, you use the palette knife to spread the texture paste over the surface. Next, you embed your “found objects” into the paste in the pattern you desire. Take care to be sure you don’t lay the embellishments over the area of the tape or when you pull the tape off, those embellishments will pull right off too!   You have to worktm_fire fairly quickly as the paste will start to dry in about 30-minutes. (I know, I know, that seems like such a long time to work on such a small area, but we do get to chatting and laughing and before you know it 30-minutes have gone by — you look down and you only have 3 pieces embedded.) Once everything is embedded, carefully lift each piece of tape, one at a time. tm_julieYou should now have four crisp edges in the paste with fun stuff embedded.  Let your item lay flat to dry overnight and tomorrow you’ll have a useful, creative hand-made to enjoy in your home (or give as a gift.) So now you know what you’re missing on Tuesday mornings at the Studio! Join us! Best of all – Laugh & Craft is free!    >> Creatively yours, Tiffany


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