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Ana Araujo – When Creativity Knocks Television

Ana-HeadshotGRASONVILLE, MD – Monday morning – As a 20-year veteran of the craft world, Ana Araujo has been teaching the world to craft her entire life. On last night’s Inspired at Home Radio show, Ana talked about her innovative on-line broadcast how-to tv show, When Creativity Knocks,  that features craft projects submitted by real home viewers. Ana and her daughter Megan make projects side-by-side with real-life viewers and the lively interaction provides the show realism and high quality and easy-to-learn projects provide the substance. Listen to Ana’s podcast interview – GO>>

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Project Picks of the Week from the Creativity Sisters

GRASONVILLE, MD – Monday morning - Each week, the Creativity Sisters search the web, checkout blogs and networking sites to find some really cool projects just for you that we share on Inspired at Home Radio! Listen to podcast report on this week’s picks – GO>>
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really neat 5-minute T-shirt jacket from

pretty mosaiced bath jars from


Friendly Plastic Pendant by Jana Ewy at

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Tina Howe – Creative Writing

TinaphotocropGRASONVILLE, MD – Monday morning – Author and illustrator Tina Howe has been involved in creative writing for many years. From short stories, to screenplays, a children’s picture book and two novels in the Tellings of Xunar-kun science fantasy series, Tina is also an illustrator who creates her own picture books, book covers and collateral materials. On last night’s Inspired at Home Radio show,Xunar-kun Tina discussed her current projects and gave simple tips for how you can rediscover the small but potent gems from your memories that can be used as a springboard to writing the all-American novel or in creating a private memoire.  Click here to listen to Tina’s podcast interview – GO>>

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Jennifer Blevins – Trend Report – Express Yourself

express-yourselfGRASONVILLE, MD – Monday morning – Jennifer Blevins manages trends for iLovetoCreate and is also a part of their new product development team. She writes a trend blog at On last night’s Inspired at Home Radio, Jennifer shared her trend knowledge on the trend of Self-Expression. What we wear can say a lot about us, but this trend is the ability to personalize a product that lets the wearer be expressive or in the very least, set apart from the crowd. Listen to Jen’s podcast report – GO>>

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Craft Concierge – Handmade Paper

Pour-MoldGRASONVILLE, MD – Monday morning – Maria Nerius, our Inspired at Home Craft Concierge answers your craft questions!  Last night’s Inspired at Home Radio topic was Handmade Paper. There are two very distinct ways to make a sheet of handmade paper. The first is called the pour method – where you pour your paper pulp into a paper mold. Listen to Maria’s podcast report – GO>>

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Artist Play Date – Tiffany’s Butterfly Tag

IAH-137TiffsButterflyTagGRASONVILLE, MD – Sunday afternoon - On last week’s Inspired at Home Radio show, Maria Nerius gave us a creative challenge – to create a tag this week to celebrate our artist play date. I am REALLY bad at scheduling the creative time that I would like so it was a challenge I was ready to take on!


For me, my motivation for creating this tag was all about color.  When I sat down to make this tag, I grabbed for my coral and moss green acrylic paint. Then I found a matching silk flower and velvet ribbon.  I colored the tag with a wash of paint and did the same thing on the matching fabric.  When the fabric was dry I overstamped it with one of my favorite 1×1 stamp designs. I stitched a swatch it on my tag with a zig zag stitch and stamped a petite butterfly.  Thanks for this challenge Maria!  >>Tiffany

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Artist Play Date – Heidi’s Bliss

IAH-132Heidi-Bliss-TagLOS OSOS, CA – Sunday morning – As you know, our wonderful Inspired at Home Radio Craft Concierge Maria Nerius challenged us to a creative play date this last week. Since I spend most of my weekdays in my studio, it was no challenge to get me into the studio!  It was fun to change my focus from my other design projects to create a tag!  Here’s the inspiration behind my design!  Thanks for the challenge Maria! >>Heidi


So how did this tag design become …..Follow Your Bliss……?

What was the inspiration behind the tag?

Well …I started out with a completely different tag…. Much smaller, different words, not so much fru fru…my thought process…“this would be quicker.. Right?   Quicker!… yes!!… I need to get this done before Thursday and it’s already Wednesday afternoon!!  Smaller card is good!!!”

First thought… I wanted to use one of my plastic lizards (they are on the table from another project).  The lizard in Native American lore is dreaming. (Rekindle lost goals or desires – expand your vision – honor messages in your dreams- Medicine Cards) First design thought was Dream a little Dream but there are too many letters to fit onto my small card….. And I’m thinking I don’t want a little dream- I want a big dream. (I never thought about putting ‘Dream a big Dream’.) Nope whole new idea starting at this point!

Now I’m reaching for the bigger card…in fact two cards… and thinking layers and textures… I have my lizard (and by now he’s been blinged with some gold leaf, decorative wire and beads )… Looking around for that all important texture……ahhh  ha!  Corrugated cardboard from a Starbucks sleeve…mesh from back of tile I just put away and yarn I just bIAH-132TableStuffought at Tuesday Morning!  On my table is a jar with oven baked clay imprints I’ve already made up and there it is…one of my favorites ‘Follow Your Bliss’ . A little antiquing, some embossing and twisting some wire accents into place AND then the card just came together!!!  Done!!! (It’s now Thursday afternoon… was the deadline Thursday at midnight???)

That’s how it happened….. Now I just have to clean up… I sure got a bunch of stuff out for this project……

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Artist Play Date – Candace’s Doll

IAH-133CandaceClockFaceGirlGRASONVILLE, MD – Sunday morning - During last Sunday’s Inspired at Home Radio show, our Craft Concierge Maria Nerius challenged us all to a creative play date this last week. We had to make a tag and then share the inspiration behind our creativity!  Here’s my Clockface Doll Tag! >> Candace


I discovered some Mary Englebreit paper dolls in my desk this week so I started cutting them out. I love cutting out paper dolls as it is SO relaxing.

When I arrived at the studio, and started to think about what I would make for Maria’s tag challenge, with paper dolls in mind, I thought maybe I could make a doll out of a tag.

I remembered that I had some Art Girlz arms and legs charms in the studio.  It didn’t take long before I realized that I should cut and shape my tag — and the rest worked out well when I cut the tag to be the doll’s body – then the charms were a perfect fit. Loved my artist play date this week! Thanks for the challenge Maria!>>Candace

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Artist Play Date – Maria’s Seahorse

Artist Date - Maria's Seahorse

PALM BAY, FL – Sunday morning - On last Sunday’s Inspired at Home Radio show, I set out the “challenge” to the my radio mates that we all take some time this week and get creative and make a tag. That way, we would all have to commit to our artist play date!  Here’s the inspiration behind my play date!>>Maria


I wanted to share a little of my Labor Day scuba diving trip. It’s always amazing to roll into the ocean and descend down onto a reef. It was a drift dive which means you don’t really even have to do anything but let the current gently (and sometimes rather rapidly) take you along the reef. It’s a whole new world down there!

I actually designed the tag backwards and had to work in an interesting fashion, but I wrote the instructions in the proper order. I was feeling very antsy when I created this tag and that’s just the opposite of how I feel when diving. The images calmed me down a bit! The raffia was supposed to show some motion.

When I scanned the tag my first thought was how simple it looked. I design simple, clean. Yet, the tag had layers… some secrets! I loved the touch of sparkle from the crystal gel. Under those waves many things just sparkle as you drift by on a dive. I had to add the beautiful beads; I love this little company’s ceramic beads!

Sharing The Sea
by Maria Nerius


  • Cardstock (K&Company Designer Mat Pad Textured)IAH-134MariaSeahorse2
  • Scrap cardstock (lime green, orange, yellow)
  • 3 Seahorse stamps
  • India Ink Black (Stewart Superior)
  • Distressed Ink Old Paper (Ranger)
  • Scribbles Crystal Gel Sparkle
  • 3 Peruvian ceramic beads (clownfish, trigger fish, sea turtle)
  • Raffia
  • Paper Trimmer and scissors
  • 6 Small brads
  • Small hole punch
  • Sponge


  1. Trim textured paper to shape of tag, small hole punch at top/center. Use Distressed Ink around edges of the tag. Sponge on the ink over the tag’s body… front and back.
  2. Stamp seahorse images onto 3 colors of scrap cardstock or paper. Trim to size smaller than tag. Trim to be able to stack or layer each on on top of the other. Sponge on Distressed Ink to age and matte the images. Add a touch of sparkle gel to outline the seahorses and allow to dry.IAH-134MariaSeahorse3
  3. Now it’s time to get our images layered and adhered. Large image on top, smallest on bottom. Small hole punch in area that will not take away from images. A little patience and you’ll find it. Use 1 brad to adhere the layers. Then 2 more small hole punches to top image and insert a brad in each hole.
  4. Sponge Distressed Ink onto tag. Find placement of the layered seahorses. Find the best area to adhere the smallest image. Three hole punches and insert brads. This allows the images to be moved and viewed. The seahorses are now part of the tag.
  5. Thread raffia through tag’s top hole. Knot. Thread on beads, watch placement, and knot to secure beads onto the raffia.
  6. Sign back of tag.

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Packaging Tape… not just for Taping!

IAH-136TapeSwellLOS OSOS, CASaturday afternoon – Eileen Eisele of Tape Swell was a recent guest on our Inspired At Home radio show. If you haven’t checked out this product – go now! WOW!!!  These are the coolest printed tapes ever! “Printed tapes? ” you ask. This is one of those fabulous ideas that you say to yourself  ” I should have thought of that!!!”  Eileen has a line of  packaging type tapes that have really “swell” designs printed on them. So instead of sending out a package with just plain old clear tape, you use  one of  TapeSwell’s designer tapes and viola! instant inspired package. I LOVE it!!!

Of course I didn’t want to stop at putting tape just on my outgoing packages…. I wanted to design with it!  I took some inexpensive paper mache boxes and made them into designer boxes by using the black printed design.   I suggest making lots up… cause you never know when you might need a small gift box. And what could be easier that just putting tape onto a box. So super swell and simple!!!

IAH-136TapeSwellTapesOh no, I didn’t stop there!!! You know me, I just have to create more!!  Jewelry was my next design challenge with this amazing product.  The EcoHeidi in me thought it would be great to create with a recycle item. I love plastic drinking straws. These are great because they are a bit thicker than most plastic straws. (I’m pretty sure I got these at Subway.) I painted the plastic drinking straws black  (Krylon’s Fusion Paint for Plastic works great!) Let them dry. Cut the painted straws into different lengths. I then put pieces of  the plastic tape (I used the tape that looks like lace) over the prepared drinking straws.  I then threaded glass beads and the straw beads onto a strand of silk cording. I tied a knot in between each cluster.  At the end I crimped a metal cording bead, then attached a closure.  Fabulous look!!

I just can’t rave enough about TapeSwell!!! And thanks, Eileen, for your creative product! I Love It!! Just being creative!! EcoHeidi- That’s me!!

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